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How We Did It:
Creative Arts Reintegration (CAR) Project

Story Work

Creative Arts Reintegration (CAR) Project 

Who:    Linda Parris-Bailey/Carpetbag Theatre (CBT), Arts 2 Action, Tampa Veterans Administration Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Center (PRRC), Veterans Administration Clinicians at the University of South Florida (USF).

What: The role of the visiting artists and workshop leaders is to transfer skills that strengthen existing peer mentorship programs, such as the PRRC Voices of Recovery group and develop new leadership where arts based programs don’t currently exist. The CAR Program also offers workshops as part of the residency program which tours with

Speed Killed My Cousin. CAR also offers stand-alone programs.

Why:    CAR creates opportunities for public performances and dialogues to raise awareness about Veterans’ issues, educate the public, re-connect Veterans to the larger community, and build bridges of understanding.

When:  Initiated in 2012 and is ongoing.

Where: In major cities of FL, TX, CO, LA, AZ, TN, NC

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