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Open Channels: Caribbean Popular Theater at the Crossroad.

An online encounter as part of the Teatro Ma Cuba’s 40th Annual Teller de Teatro Popular



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VA Suicide Prevention Team Leader, Lynne Santiago

“I’d like to thank Linda, Andrea and their colleagues (The Carpetbag Theatre and Alternate ROOTS) for the incredible work they are doing with our veterans. I have witnessed how their veteran program has inspired and effected positive change in veterans who are challenged with mental illness. I know they are making a difference.”

NEFA 2020 National Theater Project Advisors

April 15, 2020

"NTP is thrilled to welcome four new advisors: Pia AgrawalMicah Ariel James, Edgar Miramontes, and Linda Parris-Bailey. We are so excited to work with these amazing individuals! Thank you in advance for all that you do for NTP and the field!"

Curating Freedom and Power for Women of Color in Leadership

An Interview with Diane Rodriguez &
Linda Parris-Bailey
September 26, 2019

"We pass the same point many times in our lives but hopefully we’re a little further expanded. That expansion is what makes progress and what gives me hope for the future. We’ll hit this same point in time but we’ll hit it with an expanded knowledge and more experience."

-Linda Parris-Bailey

Moral Injury Killed My Cousin

by VA Suicide Prevention Team Leader, Lynne Santiago

[on Speed Killed My Cousin] "We learn, through the powerful monologues and the dialogue between the characters, that true healing begins from a willingness and ability to tell the story about what happens in war. And we are shown, quite effectively, the generational impact of keeping these secrets.”

SWOPERA :: Behind The Scenes of the Spoken Word Opera

Knoxville Weekend

SWOPERA tells a contemporary story of gentrification, one family’s efforts to save their business, Lowell’s Soulfood Cafe, in light of changing community dynamics, and finding unexpected leadership in the youngest member of the family, Lem. The text is delivered in spoken word, poetry and rhyme, accompanied by elements of hip-hop and soul.

Q&A: Linda Parris-Bailey, Winner of the 2015 Doris Duke Artist Award in Theatre

April 29, 2015

“Writing for the theater doesn’t seem as singular as writing in any other medium—it lends itself to working with people and sharing stories and that’s always been attractive to me.”

'River' author's 'refereeing' pays off

May 25, 2008

Another River Flows "follows local blacks who settled nurturing neighborhoods, fought urban renewal and are uniting a divided community through tales of feisty faith. Parris-Bailey weaves a kind of Joseph's technicolor coat from archived and collected stories, some of which are spoken by the Spirit Kissed Women, a Greek chorus of soul sisters. She's more than a playwright; she's a referee for cheerleaders for the revolution."